How Futurity Trainers Can Encourage Confidence in Horses

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Confidence comes from consistency and a good foundation. A good foundation of basic skills is very important to all barrel futurity horses getting ready to start its racing career.

Not sure where to start? Learn how to get started with tips from top futurity trainers.

Focus on Being a Confident Futurity Trainer

A consistent training program will help build confidence in the horse and trainer. Every trainer needs to ride with confidence every day. Know where you are going and how you are getting there. Horses know when we are nervous or unsure and they usually reflect those behaviors.

Practice Makes Perfect

Futurity horses need practice and consistency to master their skill in training barrel horses. When we prepare all week for the futurity it is easy to be confident in your training, your horse, and your ability to show it.

Let Your Horse Get Comfortable

It is important to have a solid pattern as you increase speed when training a futurity horse. As you ask the horse to progress you will find that it is 2 steps forward and 1 step back, this is normal. It is rare that a horse is able to just continue to increase speed without having some set backs. They need to learn to place their feet as the speed is added and this is easier for some individuals than it is for others. Do not get frustrated, it is part of the process.

Allow Mental Downtime

Futurity training can be grueling for horse and rider. Remember there is no room for emotion in the training process. If you find that you are upset then take a break. If you are in a bad mood skip riding and opt for cleaning tack instead. The training process is time-consuming and requires focus, but downtime is still needed despite retaining stringent discipline.

Remember, horses still need the chance to be horses. Allow them to have time to relax. If there are injuries allow time off to recover.

Spend Quality Time with Your Horse

Beyond training and getting your horse ready for competition, spend quality time with your horse. Sometimes a horse just needs more personal attention or trust with their rider. The more comfortable and at ease the horse is with its rider, the more likely they will build trust, confidence, and willingness.

Refine Your Training

Even the most seasoned futurity trainers need fresh insight and refinement to take their skillset to a new level. Trainers can take their training to new levels by working with other trainers or joining a membership like Between the Reins.

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